Thursday Eye Candy: Ignacio Torres

Today, I’m featuring a guy that is really hot as always. I also think it’s fair to say we should admire him for his dedication to his physique. Furthermore, I’m changing the type… Continue reading

How having to be naked helped me to accept my body

As you may know, I shaved some parts of my body with undesired consequences. It was a crazy idea, something that I always wanted to do that got out of hand. Then, I… Continue reading

After a crazy idea… A hairy story

I was having one of “those” weeks. You know, one of those weeks when you need to wake up from the coma that is your life. So I had a crazy idea, there… Continue reading

Pick five songs that show how you feel about your life in this moment

I’ve though about a good exercise to understand ourselves a little bit better through music. It’s really simple, pick five songs that you think show how you feel at this point of your… Continue reading

Thursday Eye Candy: Jakub Stefano

Today, I’m featuring one of the most famous hot guys on the net. He’s a fitness and fashion model, a journalist and a personal trainer and as you can see he’s really really… Continue reading

Meeting And Dating Gay Guys: Mission Impossible?

As every other gay guy in this century, I have a group of gay friends I go out and have fun with. But, what happens when you want to date or just have… Continue reading

Gay Discos: An anthropological view

I’m not an anthropologist, but I’m gay and I have eyes so I’ve thought: “what the hell? Write and take it all out”. Beware, I’m giving you a kind of humoristic, sarcastic and… Continue reading

Is greed destroying this world?

According to┬áChristianity, Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. However, it’s funny how even for Christianity it seems to be the least bad of sins (look at the Vatican for a minute).… Continue reading

Hidden Gems: Thinking of you by Katy Perry

As you might know, today Katy Perry has released her new single Roar from her new album Prism. I think lots of people are going to blog about it so I’m going to… Continue reading

Life is never as you planned it…

Life is never as you planned it. This sentence sums up some things you learnt, some feelings you feel, some things that happen (or never happened) to you as you’re growing up. When… Continue reading